First impressions when people encounter your crypto brand are everything. Your brand dictates whether you’re a sleek and knowledgeable company or one that’s approachable and down to earth. That’s why it’s so important to nail these messages, and values, down from the beginning. 

First impressions can radically change the success of a company. Constructing an effective brand becomes one of the most important tasks that a business owner has to complete.

Let’s dive into the world of branding and how you can form a strong brand for your company from day one.

What is Crypto Branding?

Crypto branding encompasses all of the efforts made to shape the public perception of your company. A company’s brand is how that enterprise is seen, understood, and acknowledged by the general public. Often, great branding will align closely with the brand identity and present the company in the light that they would like.

Beyond having a great logo and cohesive color scheme, branding also includes how your brand presents itself online. This includes the company voice, the values that they propagate and follow, and even the communication styles that you favor.

To put this into perspective, people form their opinion of a brand within the first 10 seconds of interactions. Due to this, you should always strive to get things right the first time around when forming a brand.  

Why is Crypto Branding so Important?

Once people find brands they love, they often stick to them, returning again and again out of a sense of trust and familiarity. That notion of trusting a company initially comes from the brand, with this being an early indicator of the quality, scope, and intention of a company. 

By perfecting your brand, and using it to project a certain message about your company, you’re able to:

  • Sets yourself apart – In any industry, especially with the ease of constructing modern businesses, there is a huge amount of competition. One of the core pillars that distinguish a company that flourishes and one that doesn’t gain any traction is strong branding. Not only does it tell your customers what you stand for subconsciously, but it instantly signals a level of professionalism.


  • Increase Trust – When a user comes across your business or your website for the very first time, they instantly form an opinion. The difference between them closing your website and continuing to explore is this first impression. This applies even more to the world of blockchain, where trust and transparency are core features of any successful business.


  • Gain Recognition – Finally, we turn to one of the main reasons that branding is important, building familiarity with customers. 71% of customers state that they prefer to work through or buy a product or service that they’re familiar with. Creating recognition through strong branding can directly boost business while ensuring people become familiar with your company over time. 

Strong branding is more than just having a beautifully designed company. It’s about making a memorable impression on your customers, creating a brand that people recognize, trust, and are happy to continually flock to.

What steps should I follow when forming a crypto brand?

Constructing a crypto brand is a ground-up project and is personal to what your values are as the leader of your company. Especially when creating a new company, the brand should be considered before pushing your product or services onto the market.

To start this process off, you need information about your own company. If you’re the company leader, you can do this by asking yourself several different questions about the company. Ask yourself:

  • What are the values of the company? Understanding what values you pride yourself on will give you a great idea about the sort of ‘personality’ that your brand may have. 


  • Who is your ideal customer? Working backward, if you know who you’re targeting, you’ll be able to then focus on constructing a brand that appeals to them. Work out who your ideal customer is, and what sort of ideals, visuals, and concepts would naturally interest them.


  • What words do you associate with your brand? Generating some words like fun, serious, consistent, quality, spontaneous, adventurous, structured, or whatever else comes to mind, can help you understand what matters to your company. From there, you’ll be able to continue to build that perfect picture of what your brand’s ‘personality’ looks like.


  • What emotions would you connect to your brand? When you interact with customers, how do you want them to feel? Inspired? Joyful? Introspective? Whatever emotions you’re seeking to evoke in others will be an important part of the branding that you create.

By addressing these four basic questions, you’ll be in a great position to then move on to generating your brand voice and brand design. Let’s break down these two core pillars of good branding.

How to create a strong crypto brand voice

Once your crypto brand is established, the means through which you communicate with customers define your brand voice. This is the style of language, the tone, the way you talk to customers, write press releases and more. 

Your brand voice is a core part of identity, but one that is much easier to establish. Imagine your brand as an actual person, how would they talk:

  • Down to earth? – Short and snappy writing will fit your brand best.
  • Professional? – Longer, structured prose will match this style.

Whatever style of personality your brand ascribes to, try to match your communication with this sort of person. You should attempt to carry this voice through all communications you do for the company.

Remember, above all, branding is about complete cohesion across the company. 

Final Thoughts

Especially when it comes to launching a successful blockchain company, branding is absolutely vital. Unlike other aspects of running a business, branding is something that must be ready to go and fully realized by day one of launching. Due to this, it’s a great idea to plan ahead to make sure you have enough time to work out what your company stands for, and how you can best represent those ideals through design and communication.

Another way of forming a strong brand identity if you haven’t had much experience in this area before is to partner with a public relations firm. PR companies have years of experience that will help walk you through every element of brand construction, delivering fully realized concepts to you in a fraction of the time. 

As a world-leading blockchain PR firm, we’ve helped some of the biggest names in this industry create their brands. From company launches to redevelopment, we cover every aspect of blockchain PR.