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We'll custom tailor a complete holistic marketing service to your needs - from understanding your current positioning to developing a top notch content strategy, getting your story published on top tier sites, and boosting it in relevant platforms.

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Search Engine Optimization

We’ll perform strategic keyword research, optimize your content, and strengthen your organic online footprint to generate inbound leads on auto-pilot. We use a combination of link building and off-page SEO to help you rank higher on all major search engines and ensure qualified leads are easily finding your business, reducing your ongoing advertising costs.

Blockchain Public Relations

What differentiates us from typical PR agencies, is that we never over-promise and under-deliver. Our blockchain PR strategies & tactics are built on personal relationships with some of the world’s leading editors, writers, and content producers. Allowing us to secure feature coverage in both top-tier publications and some of the most respected channels on YouTube.

Blockchain Content Marketing

Our robust network of relationships with top-tier media outlets, influential bloggers, and website owners, is leveraged to boost your online presence. We don’t rely on breaking news to drive traffic and can obtain press even during industry downtime. When your company has exciting news or a compelling storyline, we’ll create a custom blockchain marketing strategy to get you real press coverage.

Online Reputation Management Services

Blockchain communities can be relentless—with our ORM services, rest assured that we’re authentically protecting your company’s image from any negative online feedback. We’ll audit current digital results and optimize accordingly. Our goal is to boost your positive footprint and we'll work tirelessly to ensure the conversation around your company is engaging and exciting.

Thought Leadership

We'll work with your c-level executives and turn them into thought leaders and content influencers. This means we'll ghostwrite great content on their behalf or refine the content they write. Then, outreach to editors and use our network of exclusive connections to post these articles under their names. We'll shoot for top-tier crypto and respected mainstream publications to feature them as contributors or a columnist.

Content Distribution

We'll keep blasting our tech, crypto, finance, and business media pieces for weeks to hype everything as much as possible and get a lot of reputation for the project and excellent traction for our post. We'll secure one-on-one interviews and project reviews to expose everyone from the crypto community to your project. We use a combination of software, power users, and our vast network of Reddit and YouTube top influencers to create massive discussions and hype to get VIRAL DISCUSSIONS.

Messaging Strategy

We'll take a deep dive into your solution and assemble a detailed brief on what angles we believe should be pushed to which media, and what's our positioning strategy.

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