Our Experience at the TOKEN2049 Event of the Asia Crypto Week 2022 In Singapore

Asia’s largest Web3 conference – TOKEN2049 – more than exceeded expectations this year.  TOKEN2049 undeniably earned the moniker of the crypto industry’s largest and most well-attended event. The event captivated an international community of crypto enthusiasts and professionals during a week of panels, demonstrations, and social activities.  The flagship event brought together the global Web3 … Continued

Ethereum Merge: The Most-Anticipated Event In Crypto History Has Arrived

The Ethereum Merge has officially unfolded, reflecting a momentous event for Ethereum and the broader crypto ecosystem.  After years of work, missed deadlines, and upgrades, Ethereum’s transition from the energy-intensive Proof-of-Work to the environment-friendly Proof-of-Stake is complete. The Merge reduces Ethereum’s energy consumption by approximately 99.95% while setting the foundation for the following stages of … Continued